Navigating CRA Account And Asset Seizures

If you are a high net-worth tax debtor who owes money to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the CRA has frozen your bank accounts, has put a lien on one or more of your assets or is taking steps to seize and sell your assets, we can intervene on your behalf. At Papazian | Heisey | Myers, our lawyers can step in as your first line of defence and help you navigate strategically to protect your financial interests to the fullest extent provided by law.

Defences And Options Exist

Once the CRA becomes actively involved in your financial affairs, your financial issues and concerns have likely reached a critical point. You need to take immediate steps. Our lawyers can provide the legal guidance you need to liaise with the CRA in a nonself-incriminating way. We can create a strategic plan to help you:

  • take steps to protect your immediate cash flow
  • force the CRA to prove its claims
  • negotiate a deal to settle your CRA account

Act Expediently To Obtain A Legal Opinion

If the CRA's actions are threatening your financial interests, we can help. Email one of our lawyers or arrange a consultation by calling our firm, located in Toronto, at +1.416.601.2701 or reach us by email. Our lawyers can immediately assess your case, and if we accept your retainer, we will be pleased to answer your questions and inform you of your options.

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