Bankruptcy And Debt Collection Practice

Papazian | Heisey | Myers provides legal counsel to both debtors and creditors on debt recovery and bankruptcy matters in Toronto and throughout Canada. Over the years, the quality of our work in this area has earned us the trust and fidelity of many loyal clients.

Acting For Lenders

In our primarily lender-centric debt collection and mortgage remedy practice, we have the capacity to meet the collection and mortgage remedy needs of large institutional lenders. We aim to cultivate long-term relationships with these clients by becoming intimately familiar with their businesses, their needs and their goals. By so doing, we are able to consistently generate highly customized debt recovery solutions for our lending clients who are owed money in both commercial and retail environments.

Acting For Debtors

We also provide assistance to high net-worth individuals and to corporations that are overburdened with debt. We can assist you with viable defences against the appointment of receivers. We can help you repel aggressive security recovery efforts initiated by banks, other financial institutions and private lenders. Drawing on decades of legal knowledge and experience, our lawyers can help you negotiate with your creditors to reach reduced payment solutions in appropriate cases.

Debt Recovery Despite Bankruptcy

Our practice at PHM also includes assisting business and individual clients who suspect that their debtors may be taking unfair advantage of Canada's bankruptcy and insolvency legislation. This may involve debtors' attempts to dissipate, transfer or hide assets immediately (or even many years) prior to filing a proposal or seeking bankruptcy protection. Despite such attempts to capitalize unfairly under Canada's bankruptcy and insolvency regime, our lawyers know how to engineer solutions aimed at improving recovery for creditors from these unscrupulous debtors.

High Net-Worth Bankruptcy

We also provide defence for affluent individuals whose financial empires are being threatened by aggressive collection efforts initiated either through seizures by Canada Revenue Agency, through receivership or other institutional and private creditor remedies. We assist clients in minimizing the impact of such pressure and tactics and can help arrange repayment terms that match the needs of each unique situation.

Contact Our Firm For A Consultation

Early intervention in handling debt-related issues provides the best chance of achieving an optimal result for you. Our lawyers can quickly assess your case and provide you with options allowing you to make an informed decision and to act strategically and expediently. Call +1.416.601.2701 or reach us by email.

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