Breach Of Trustee And Executor Duty For Complex Estates

If you are experiencing or suspect a breach of fiduciary duty by the executor or trustee of a sophisticated estate in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario, Papazian | Heisey | Myers can help.

Remedying Problems With Executors Or Trustees

Although a testator named an individual to carry out his or her last wishes, the appointed executor or trustee may not always fulfill those responsibilities in a reliable, competent or completely honest manner. As legal advisors and experienced litigators, the lawyers at PHM can represent your interests in such disputes.

Our lawyers can investigate and resolve such executor- and trustee-related problems as:

  • failure to communicate or render estate accounts
  • disputes over remuneration
  • disagreements between co-executors or co-trustees
  • fraudulent conveyances
  • undue delay in handling the estate
  • negligence resulting in the diminished value of estate assets
  • failure to file and pay estate taxes and debts
  • mishandling of estate assets and funds
  • disregard for the provisions of a will
  • preferential or prejudicial treatment of heirs

Consult With Our Lawyers

Our lawyers draw on decades of legal knowledge and experience in litigation. We can help you find satisfactory solutions to restore an estate to responsible management. Contact us for an initial consultation by calling +1.416.601.2701 or by reaching our lawyers by email.

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