Protecting The Rights Of Executives After Wrongful Dismissal

Employment termination is a life-altering event in which the risk of financial loss can be significant -- especially if you are an executive-level employee. If you fail to properly navigate the terms of your dismissal, you are almost certain to exit with far less in compensation than you deserve. First and foremost, do not sign anything that your employer asks you to sign before speaking with a lawyer acting solely for you.

At Papazian | Heisey | Myers, if you have been outsourced, downsized or terminated, our role is to ensure that you leave your employ with both the maximum level and the entire range of compensation and benefits to which you are entitled.

Negotiating High-Value Termination Packages

Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of high-stakes, executive wrongful dismissal claims and the inner workings of the corporate environment. Our aim is to protect your right to fair compensation. Especially at the executive level, a termination package offered to you that initially appears to be reasonable may fall far short of what you might otherwise be entitled to by using the right legal strategy. Our significant experience in this area provides us with insight into the strategies and motivations of employers in negotiating termination packages.

If your employment has been terminated; if you have been outsourced; or downsized; we can determine if your employer has dismissed you under circumstances involving:

  • lack of reasonable notice
  • unsubstantiated allegations of just cause
  • constructive dismissal due to significant, unilateral changes to your working terms and conditions
  • termination provisions in your employment contract that may not be enforceable against you

Our mission is to ensure that you receive not only termination and severance pay, but also a full complement of benefits and compensation applicable to your unique case.

Let Us Determine The Full Worth Of Your Claim

Before agreeing to or signing anything, contact us (or contact any other lawyer you know) for an assessment. Our lawyers can answer your questions, scrutinize every legal detail of your termination package and launch a targeted campaign to pursue your just due. To arrange a consultation, call our Toronto office at +1.416.601.2701 or email us.

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