Maximize Your Mortgage Recovery

Understanding your rights as mortgage lender is critical to protecting your mortgage investment. And we, at Papazian Heisey Myers, are committed to helping you to take possession of the mortgaged property and sell it as quickly as possible. This is the key to maximizing your recovery and protecting your mortgage asset. At Papazian Heisey Myers, we're committed to:

  • using Ontario’s self-help mortgage remedies in order to get your mortgage loan repaid
  • speeding up the mortgage recovery process for you
  • having the borrower pay your legal costs whenever possible

Papazian Heisey Myers makes debt collection and power of sale as simple and painless as possible, We're eager to demonstrate how our track record of success can get more of your money back into your hands more quickly and less painfully. This means greater returns and equally importantly, peace of mind.

Michael S. Myers A founding partner of Papazian Heisey Myers with over 40 years of experience.  
Michael is a leading voice and recognized authority in the areas of debt collection and mortgage enforcement, with a track record of maximizing capital recovery for lender
clients in a variety of circumstances.