Contested Wills

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Contested Wills Involving Complex Or High-Value Estates

At Papazian | Heisey | Myers, we assist stakeholders in resolving disputes surrounding the legal validity of an estate will. We can provide solid legal advice to help you advance or defend against such claims. Our practice in this area is focused exclusively on cases involving large, complex estates in Toronto and throughout Ontario.


Backed by decades of litigation experience, our lawyers use meticulous strategic planning to protect the rights and interests of clients involved in will contests that arise from:

  • elder abuse or undue influence over the testator
  • claims of the testator's mental incapacity
  • improperly drafted or amended wills
  • ambiguous terms in a will
  • multiple conflicting wills

Our lawyers are cognizant of the fees, the nonfinancial costs and the sensitive issues involved in estate litigation. We understand what you have at risk and will work closely with you to carefully evaluate your options and priorities. Our aim is to resolve disputes in a way that protects your interests and all that you are entitled to received from an estate.


If you are considering pursuing a claim or require advice to defend a claim, our lawyers are available for consultation. We can assess the facts, and if we accept your retainer, we will be pleased to answer your questions and enlighten you on your options. Call +1.416.601.2701 or reach one of our estate litigation lawyers by email.

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