Inheritance Disputes

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Strategic Representation In Inheritance Disputes

At Papazian | Heisey | Myers, we provide legal service to the heirs of complex, sophisticated estates in claims involving inheritance disputes. While our office is based in Toronto, our lawyers can represent clients in estate disputes throughout Ontario.


Although a will may be legally valid, it can be perceived as unfair by heirs, family members and beneficiaries. Our lawyers can help you advance claims to vary an unfair will or defend against the claims of fellow heirs seeking to increase their shares. We can advise you in disputes over the fairness of an estate distribution resulting from:

  • disinherited spouse or children
  • dependant children who are seeking an increased level of support
  • children in financial need who were awarded a greater share than their siblings
  • estranged children whom siblings believe should be excluded from a will
  • children who shouldered a heavier load in caring for aging parents and believe that they deserve a greater share of the estate
  • stepchildren or a spouse from a testator's previous marriage
  • underlying tensions arising from pre-existing sibling rivalry

We will help you carefully assess the facts, the applicable laws and all available options for protecting your interests in a dispute of this nature. We will also draw on years of litigation experience to balance other key considerations such as the emotional and interpersonal costs of fighting a protracted estate dispute. By managing priorities and using carefully planned legal strategy, we will craft a solution to help you pursue the best result for your unique situation.


If you are seeking to advance an inheritance claim or require representation to defend against allegations of an unfair will, our lawyers can analyze your case and help you make an informed decision on your options. Call us for a consultation at +1.416.601.2701 or email us.

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