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Dec 18, 2017

Focus on what matters to avoid real estate disputes

Purchasing a home for the first time can be difficult. Fear of real estate disputes and high housing prices have led first-time home buyers to take precautions when entering the challenging Ontario market. However, buyers can sometimes be too cautious and miss out on great properties.

One of the mistakes many buyers make when trying to avoid real estate disputes or fraudulent listings is discounting any advertisement for a property that does not have multiple high-quality pictures attached. Experts say that this can cost people a great find. Many sellers who are on a budget or those who prefer not to photograph their belongings in case a thief is browsing ads may neglect to post professional photos online. The details of the listing are more important than images, and a visit to the property can answer any questions about its physical condition and aesthetic appeal.

Being blinded by easily remedied aesthetic elements is also a common mistake made by first-time home buyers in Ontario. Whether it is a paint colour or the absence of preferred counter-tops, many of these things can be cheaper to add later rather than paying for them as part of a renovated home. The focus should be on the layout of the house and any potentially expensive repairs that may be needed.
There are many good considerations to make when buying a home, and avoiding real estate disputes should be a top concern for any home buyer.

However, getting hung up on superficial and ammendable aesthetic elements could cause buyers to miss out on a great property. Those who are looking for legal support and how to protect themselves in a real estate transaction should contact an Ontario lawyer.