Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation Practice

Since 1987, the litigation lawyers at Papazian | Heisey | Myers have built a reputation for excellence among clients in Toronto, the GTA and all of Ontario. We are known for using a pragmatic approach based on thorough, front-loaded preparation to gain expedient, financially optimal results in a range of civil litigation matters.


Since most cases do not need to go through all stages of litigation, the focus of our civil litigation practice is to bring opposing sides to the point where settling becomes the obvious and best solution.

Our lawyers advise clients with a view to managing costs effectively and gaining the best overall result. Within our small-firm, personalized setting, we take the time to help each client understand the risks, costs and opportunities of each available option for resolving the dispute. Our lawyers always work to ensure that our clients come out net plus — with a financial result that makes the best business sense.


One of the reasons underlying our success in litigation is our insistence on performing thorough factual and legal analysis at the outset of a case. Much of the hard work is performed upfront to avoid unexpected problems late in the litigation process.

We start with careful analysis of the strength of a case and its most realistic potential outcome. Only after developing a concrete litigation strategy do we advise a client of our recommendation to proceed. By consistently applying this calibre of legal work and preparation, we are frequently able to bring opposing parties to an early compromise and achieve optimal results.


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