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Full Compensation For Executives After Termination


Executive compensation packages encompass far more than a base salary. If an employer provides you with appropriate working notice through to your last day of work, you may not be entitled to additional compensation beyond the long notice period provided. But if you are "packaged out" and given pay in lieu of notice or just fired without any compensation whatsoever, the situation may become less clear and you risk walking away without the full range of benefits and compensation schemes to which you are entitled.

If you are an executive-level employee who has been terminated or you suspect an upcoming termination, the lawyers at Papazian | Heisey | Myers can represent you in a claim to pursue your full due.


A termination package should place you in a financial position (for a given time period) identical to the one you enjoyed while still working. This includes not only a salary, but also possible benefits and compensatory items such as:

  • group health coverage
  • long- and short-term disability benefits
  • group life insurance coverage
  • employer-paid pension plan contributions
  • employer-paid RSP contribution matches
  • nondiscretionary bonuses
  • compensation for the loss of employee benefits such as use of a company vehicle
  • stock options

Even though a package may seem generous at first blush, you may still be entitled to more. Most employees do not know what constitutes a fair and full termination package and employers are not likely to inform you. Our role is to ensure that you do not leave without full compensation after a dismissal, downsizing, outsourcing or firing.

Many of our lawyers are recognized leaders in their areas of practice and know how to use effective legal strategies to assert your rights in the area of wrongful dismissal.


Before you agree to or sign anything, call us (or call any other lawyer you know) for a legal consultation. Our lawyers can assess your situation and determine the termination package you rightfully deserve. Contact our Toronto office at +1.416.601.2701 or email us.

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